Mind over Matter

Life is beautiful…

…when you allow yourself to truly experience it.

It has been well over a year since my last blog post and it’s not that I wanted to stop blogging or posting. In fact it’s something I think about often.

There have been many things that I’ve let ‘take over’ my life over the last year or so. People, work, emotions but mainly my thoughts. Negative thoughts can ruin the brightest of days and it made me realise that at the end of the road I’m going to look back and only see the bad, despite so many good things happening in my life – my blog being one of those.

It’s been quite a journey, over the last two years and there have been many moments when I considered blogging again, but the truth of the matter was that in comparison to everything that had been happening, make-up seemed so insignificant. It’s really helped me to see things clearly now. Right now I don’t feel very passionate about make-up, but I’ve realised that writing has been one of my passions and I really miss it! I love being able to share through writing these blog posts.

Here are some of my highlights that I want to share..

Had some amazing times with old and new friends

Ziplined to Niagara Falls

Faced some hard truths

Joined a choir 

Fell in love with Benefit Roller Lash

Walked away from people who didn’t value me

Joined Pilates classes

Spent time with family

Purchased a SAD lamp, but I’m still not a morning person

Achieved 2 promotions at work

Got a better understanding of who I really am

Bought myself fresh flowers just because I deserve it.

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