If you are following me on Instagram (Jess28ssej) then you may have seen my recent post saying a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading my blog. It only seemed right that I also leave a quick message on here too, saying a big big thank you to every single person who takes the time to read this. I was absolutely over the moon when I saw there were over 1,000 views on my page in January 2016, a year on from starting my blog. Honestly I have no idea if that’s a large number for anyone else, but to me it’s a huge deal and a reminder that I love being able to reach out and share my interests and passion with you. It really does make my day every time I have a comment left on one of my posts and every time one of you tell me that you’ve tried out a product I have recommended! Blogging has also been a great way to meet other like minded people who share similar interests and it has been an absolute pleasure to meet lovely people who help, collaborate with and support each other. Thank you blogging community!

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