Review: Mac Studio Fix Fluid, Studio Sculpt and Pro longwear Foundation

I wanted to share a post that could potentially help anyone looking to buy a new foundation. I have three different MAC foundations which I currently own and they are all very different from one another. It can be difficult deciding which type of foundation to go for, and in my experience the choice is largely influenced by the recommendation made by the assistant at the make-up counter. Despite this, I’ve still ended up with three different foundations, so I hope I can help you choose the one which will suit your needs most.

Studio Sculpt has SPF 15 (okay so all three of them do have SPF, but I highly rate them all for having this) which I think is very important in a foundation for days you may forget to wear sun protect. I think this is particularly great in winter when you probably will forget to wear sun protect but should still be protecting your skin from UV rays. Personally I feel that this foundation is very thick and too heavy to wear in summer when you tend to get hot and sweaty. However, I do feel that studio sculpt, as it is so thick, gives excellent coverage and is one of the more long wearing Mac foundations. I would highly recommend finishing your make-up with translucent powder when wearing this foundation as it can look shiny and like you are wearing a lot of make up. I believe this is a go-to foundation when attending functions where you want perfect long lasting coverage

Studio Fix Fluid

Studio Fix Fluid is described by Mac as giving a natural matte finish, however in my opinion I again would finish my make up with some translucent powder to take away the shine. I find this foundation smells like a paint which I don’t particularly like. I also think this foundation doesn’t look very natural. Again my opinion would be to use this as as a go-to product for special occasions or days where you need a long lasting foundation. In comparison to Studio Sculpt (above) I would be happier to wear this one on a warm day as it doesn’t feel quite as thick. However, saying that I feel that Studio Sculpt does have slightly better coverage and therefore the bottle lasts longer.

Pro Longwear

Last but not least, I purchased my Mac Pro Longwear foundation most recently as I was told it’s oil free. For me, the things I love about this foundation include; that it comes with a pump unlike the others, it’s the most natural looking foundation of the three and it feels the most lightweight on my skin. Pro Longwear has SPF 10 which is still great, but I would team this up with sun screen in summer as the coverage is quite thin. I feel that Pro Longwear is my most frequently worn foundation. It’s the one I would wear on a daily basis as my skin doesn’t look shiny when I wear it and it doesn’t feel cakey either. Recently, as my skin has cleared up a bit I’ve even been able to wear this foundation for special occasions and used a translucent powder over it to help it last longer. I feel like due to the other two foundations having heavier coverage they do last longer, so I’m not too sure why this one is called Pro Longwear, despite this it’s still the one that works best for me.


I hope this helps you see the differences between these three Mac foundations.

Jess x


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