Review: Olifair Pearls Saffron Night Cream

I have to share my experience of using the Olifair night cream with you. Over the last few years it really started to bother me that I had pigmentation around my mouth. I tried to find a picture of me with this, but I think I must have destroyed them all because they are hideous and I can no longer find any!


During that time I tried using lots of different types of make up to attempt to cover it up. From a thick No.7 pink blusher which I used as a concealer, to concealer itself, to a foundation stick from Bobbi Brown. In my experience, the foundation stick worked the best out of the lot. However, it would still fade during the day and the dark colour would show through in no time.

About a year and a half ago I tried to go through sessions of facial masks which would make my skin peel, which supposedly would help lessen the pigmentation. There was a lot of money spent on make-up, but these sessions of facial peels were ridiculously expensive. I went through at least two lots of skin peels over the course of a few months. For a few days after the sessions, I would have to avoid going out if possible as I would look like an animal whose skin is shedding and the worst bit – I wasn’t allowed to wear make-up! After a few months, I could feel the amount I was spending on this adding up to a huge amount. There were certain lotions and toners that I was told I had to use and of course all of this had an additional cost attached to it. In the time that I did go through this, I didn’t see a difference in my pigmentation, however I don’t know if this was because I didn’t give it long enough. But based on the sheer cost of the treatment, I decided to give up.

A few months later, I had been introduced to Olifair by a family member in Paris who told me that the Olifair night  cream was making a massive difference to her skin. While I was in Paris, I decided to pinch some off her. I understand that the cream is very expensive for a cream, however compared to the cost of the facial masks; I would say it’s 100% worth the cost. My pigmentation disappeared in a matter of weeks. It’s now brought me to the point where I don’t have to conceal the area around my mouth. If you have pigmentation I would hands down recommend this product to you. It’s definitely worth a try, if you can get hold of it – I think it’s easier to get hold of in mainland Europe than in the UK.

I’ve heard people suggest that Olifair can be used as a skin lightening product… in my opinion, it doesn’t do this. On some occasions I apply Olifair all over my face rather than just the area with pigmentation, and I have not seen any change in the colour or shade of my skin. I would suggest that you should be wary of any product that does change the colour of your skin as it may contain harmful ingredients. On this note, I reduced the amount I use Olifair by a lot because I was nervous about whether there are side effects to it. Honestly, I’m not sure so I can’t comment on that, but even though I rarely use it now (I haven’t used it on a regular basis in months), my pigmentation has not come back.

I hope my review helps anyone considering purchasing the Olifair night cream. Thanks for reading!

Jess x

66 thoughts on “Review: Olifair Pearls Saffron Night Cream

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment, I would be happy to link to your website if you would kindly do the same as I noticed you are using one of my personal blog pictures on your website. Do you ship internationally?


      1. Dear Rahul,

        We are happy that your are interested in our Olifair products. Get in touch with our Toll Free Number 1800 121 2273 . Our executive shall help you on this .

        -Olifair India, Trusted Seller of Olifair products


      2. where r u Rahul,Incase you are india i will send to you.
        plz given below my contact No;

        +91- 9629099067,


  1. hi
    I’m romesha.I’m from sri lanka.I want to buy this olifair should I oder it.please reply me soon


    1. Hi,Mr.romesha.I am Athi.from Colombo.I am olifair seller.plz contact to me.
      at the same time my contact details are given below.

      +94 -775980245.


  2. Plz dont use this cream.
    I used only 1 weak, but I got the side effect. It was spread like small small reddish blister all over on my face and neck.
    Now 2 days gone, still I have the blister, I checked with skin doctor, now skin treatment is going on.
    And I got this cream from elegance beauty spa in chennai.


    1. Dear Ms Sathya,
      We are aware of this of concern. There are sellers who adulterate the cream and sell at lower prices .Request to buy only genuine sealed hologram pack .

      Olifair India


  3. Hi i was using this cream for 3 more months and i got best result and my face was became white, i really thank you who manufacture this product but after some days i stop using oli fair and again my face turned into back, Now my question is 1. We have to be apply this cream continuously ? 2. To stop turning back to old face what should we want do, any other cream we have to apply because oli fair night cream is too costly so any other cream we have to apply after we got white cream ??


  4. Thank You for your replay…,
    when i got fairness(face shines) and after i stopped using olifair night cream, i just want to do facial once in a month to stop turning back to old face Right ??


    1. Hi
      I have same problem. I tried many times to contact by phone and Emails but they dont answer.
      Can someone help us to get the original cream,?


      1. please dont believe anyone now because olifair is stopped selling the olifair fairness night cream. unable to order anywhere online. i ordered on ISOKART and paid 1,085 as it was showing that it was available but the ISOKART are fraud they did not deliver the product. they are not attending the phone. they cheated and did not deliver the product


  5. Hi I’m from tamil nadu .May I knw how to but the original product ?
    I was searching for this product in amazon & flipkart but the result was out of stock. .plss someon help me to get the original product


  6. I’m from Kerala.
    I was searching for this product in amazon & flipkart but the result was out of stock. .plss someon help me to get the original product


  7. Would like to know are you still using this product! Will be happy if u share ur exp how u r managing it to use. I was so concerned s just bcz earlier I used skin lite cream for 45 days without knowing the harmful side effects. I was so happy for those 45 days about my skin complexion. Later when i stopped using skin lite cream I became really darker than my original color ad also pigmented . Thn I met a dermatologist whr I paid a huge amt f myoney to get back my normal color.. so I would be really helpful if yu share your experience on using olifair radiant night cream. Is this cream should be used life long to maintain the color? Wht will happen if v stop applying tht cream? Is tr any side effect!!

    Guys, anyone who uses this cream plz respond yaar……….. Eagerly waiting for your responses & thank you in advance ….


  8. Plz let me know from where can I buy olifair cream..becz its result is really fabulous..but now I am not getting any where this cream.plz guys if any one knows from where I can buy original cream..becz online there is fake dont buy online


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