Skin Care Routine

I have recently updated my skincare routine as my acne had become (in my opinion) particularly bad to the point where I have acne scars on my forehead and some quite large spots appearing in several places. I realised that I needed to find products which actually fight the spots rather than just covering them up with make-up. Having spoken to some of my friends who have recommended products and watching a documentary about treatments for acne I decided to make two new purchases.


The first product is the Garnier Pure Active Spot Fighting 24hr Moisturiser, which contains Salicylic acid. I decided to purchase this product as I watched a documentary where a dermatologist explained that salicylic acid is one of the few ingredients in products which actually helps to tackle acne.

When I first started using this product I was unsure why it claimed to reduce shine because the product is very moisturising and looked quite shiny on my skin. I realised that you have to work the product into the skin by applying it in a circular motion. Although this did help reduce the shine a little, it did not look completely mattified. Over time the product has reduced the amount of oil visible on my forehead and there have not been any new breakouts either.

Something I dislike about the moisturiser is that it has to be worn with sun screen as the salicylic acid makes the skin more sensitive. The sun screen I currently use (Garnier Ambre Solaire SPF 15) looks quite oily on my skin which completely counteracts the effects of the moisturiser. However, I reckon this moisturiser would look good teamed up with a matte sun screen such as La Roche Posay’s Anthelios AC. I would also recommend using this moisturiser with a foundation that has sun protection. Despite the fact that my scars remain, overall I am glad I purchased this product and I would recommend it to anyone suffering from little to a moderate amount of acne.


The second product I purchased was Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel (75ml) which only cost a mere £2.99 from Boots. I purchased this product as my friends Nikitta and Lavanya recommended tree tea oil to get rid of spots. I also thought this night time treatment would complement the Garnier moisturiser which I apply in the morning. Unfortunately, as I purchased both products at the same time, it is extremely difficult to tell which of them has helped to reduce the appearance of oil and reduce the amount of spots I have. However, I enjoy applying this product at night. The gel is cooling and feels so light on the skin. This product applies slightly easier to the face than the Garnier moisturiser, and once you have applied it you probably won’t care how you look as it’s time for bed, nevertheless it sinks into the skin well and is barely visible.

As I have generally seen an improvement in the appearance of my skin, I will continue to use this product and would recommend the two products to be used in combination with each other. Boots along with other shops have a range of other products which have tea tree oil or witch hazel in them so you could have a look at the different products on offer if you don’t like the sound of the night treatment gel.

There are products and treatments which claim to treat acne which can cost you way in excess of £100. I spent under £10 on these two products and I’m very happy with my decision to purchase them both. Personally, I would always recommend that you give these more natural remedies a shot before looking into more expensive treatments. Bear in mind that the effects of salicylic acid normally take up to 6 weeks to become visible so don’t give up before that and if you do have more severe acne then it’s recommend that you see your doctor or a dermatologist.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the new products in my skin care routine. Are there any products which you would recommend for acne prone skin?

Jess x


One thought on “Skin Care Routine

  1. Great review and post. Garner is getting better and better with their products. Salicylic is great for skin. Anything that helps to peel the skin gently is super helpful for not only acne but aging as well! I love essential oils for the skin. I make most of my products. Have a wonderful day! Koko


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