Liebster Award – Discover New Blogs!

liebster-award-logoThank you Just Jay Beauty for nominating me for the Liebster Award!! It’s a really great opportunity for readers to find new blogs out there. Please do check out Just Jay Beauty for make-up, skin care, hair tutorials and much more! Keep reading for my answers to Jay’s questions and my nominations too.

The Rules:

·         Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you.

·         Answer the 11 questions that they have asked you.

·         Nominate bloggers who have a following of <200 on their blog

·         Ask them 11 questions.

·         Notify the nominees.

So here are the questions I was asked by Jay:

1) Who is your favourite YouTuber, and why? I would say Zoella because she is one of few YouTubers who has such charisma which makes me want to watch all her videos. I love that she is into make up, fashion and homeware and I think her personality and humour are so unique and bring her videos to life. I also like that she is open about her life, such as sharing her struggles with anxiety with her YouTube viewers.

2) What is your favourite cuisine? Ooh at the moment I am loving Japanese food, but I wouldn’t say I have a favourite cuisine. I generally love trying new food and one of the places I would love to go to is Archipelago restaurant in London as they serve zebra, kangaroo and chocolate covered bugs.

Zebra served at Archipelago

3) What is your oldest item of clothing? I have this cute blue floral top which I am sure I have had since I was about 10. It now looks like a crop top. I haven’t worn it in a few years but it’s so cute I don’t want to throw it away.

4) What is your skincare saviour? Olifair a night cream which was given to me by one of my relatives who lives in France. This product is my saviour because I use to have hyper-pigmentation around my mouth which to me looked horrible and dark. I tried so many things to try and get rid of it and tried using make up to cover it, but Olifair was the one product which made it go away. So grateful for this amazing product.

5) If you had to work with any brand what would it be? I guess it would have to be Mac cosmetics. Yes partly so I could have staff discount on their make up – lol. But also I think this would help me start doing make up for others which I would love to do someday. The thing that has drawn me towards Mac is simply that it was the first foundation that I tried which suited my skin colour and one of the first lipstick ranges pigmented enough to cover my dark lips. I love that their range suits asian and black skin tones too, it’s 2015 diversity is important!

Me wearing Ruby Woo by Mac

6) What is your favourite lipstick? Can I cheat and have two? My favourite going out lipstick is Ruby Woo by Mac. The colour is gorgeous and vibrant and really makes you stand out when you wear it. I also think that wearing a lipstick like RubyWoo brightens up your whole face and I would go as far as saying that it helps give an illusion of clearer looking skin too. However, I don’t think I can get away with wearing RubyWoo on an every day basis.. so I would say my everyday favourite lipstick is Taupe by Mac. I think every girl needs both of these lipsticks in their make up collection.

7) Flats or heels? Well heels look great and can make your figure look great too, but I am so bad at walking in them and I just moan the whole time. So flats for me please!

8) The last place I went on holiday was… France! My last two holidays were to France, one to Paris to see my little niece and previously to Nice in the south of France on a work trip. Both lovely places which I would recommend. 🙂

9) What is your favourite album? I don’t really listen to albums specifically. I normally just download one song if I like it. However, based on some of the music Ed Sheeran has released recently I am assuming that I would love his latest album!

10) Savoury or sweet? Sweet! Chocolate, donuts, waffles, crepes, yum yum yum.

11) Who is your inspiration? I feel like I haven’t answered half of these questions properly, sorry guys!! But the truth is that I don’t have one person I look up to. People who stay positive, are kind and motivate others are my inspiration. I could name them all, but some of them are my nominees below! Oh and I also love inspirational quotes.

Here are my questions to my nominees:

1. What is your blog about?

2. What do you do for a living?

3. If I offered you a free ticket to either Las Vegas, Egypt or Australia, which one would you take?

4. What do you always carry with you in your handbag?

5. Do you have a celebrity crush, and if so who?

6. If you could only wear one make up product what would it be?

7. What advice would you give to a younger you?

8. Who is the happiest person you know?

9. What do you think you could learn from the person you mentioned in question 8?

10. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

11.What qualities make you unique?

and my nominees are *drum roll*:


Rock Paper Whisk

The Hectic,Happy,Healthy Girl

Whisper Your Words of Wonder



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