Make-Up and Jewellery Storage

As I love beauty so much, I own a lot of make-up products and jewellery too. Owning a lot of things is all fun and games until your room becomes an absolute tip and you don’t have enough room to store all of your goodies. It has taken me a while to find appropriate storage ‘devices’ which store away all of the things that I own and simultaneously keeps my room looking cute and feminine, just how I like it. I thought I would share some of the storage bits and bobs which I use in my own room. I love seeing what storage solutions others use, partly because I like being nosey, but nonetheless I hope this is something you will enjoy having a peek at.

Stackable Storage

Stackable Boxes

I absolutely love these stack-able storage boxes, you can keep absolutely anything you like in them from make up to nail polishes to stationery. I have a few of these boxes as they look so pretty. I keep various things in them including my traditional jewellery for Sri Lankan functions. My mum actually bought these boxes for me for £7 from ASDA (Supermarket).

Stackable Storage Boxes
Stackable Storage Boxes
Traditional Jewellery
Traditional Jewellery

On the subject of stacking, I also stack my books into a cute pile as this takes up far less space than having them upright on a bookshelf. This storage idea is absolutely FREE! Who doesn’t love saving a bit of money?


Jewellery Storage


I recently purchase this accessory hanger from Primark for 90p. With jewellery, I find that if I hide it away in a box, I often forget I own it and don’t end up wearing it. I am loving statement jewellery at the moment, which is way too big to hang on my other jewellery holder pictured above, so this is possibly the best bargain ever?

D.I.Y Make Up Storage

Part of the reason I love make up is because it allows creativity931. I love being creative! My mother and I actually made this storage solution using a plastic clothes hanger, some left over fabric and a sewing machine. As we used left over fabric the colours aren’t the most beautiful (bright red and blue, hence why I have uploaded this in gray-scale), but if you wanted to invest in some pretty fabric this would look gorgeous. Personally, this is my favourite storage solution because it is handmade and can store so much! I have make-up brushes, mascaras, eyeliners, lip liners, lip glosses and more hanging in here. It does require patience to create this and took us several hours but I believe you can buy something very similar from Store Twenty One.

Dressing Table

I also have a lovely acrylic storage device which can be seen in the centre of the below picture. This keeps some of my lipsticks neat and tidy. There is also space to hold make-up brushes and other items if you wish to do so. I would highly recommend this. Unfortunately, this was a gift so I am not sure where it was purchased from but you can see many similar items if you have a search on Amazon. The black glass box with drawers on the right hand side was purchased a few years ago from Homebase and looks gorgeous especially next to the damask wallpaper also from Homebase (Home/DIY store). I am still looking for a suitable solution to store my perfumes, so do let me know if you would recommend anything.


I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my storage solutions. Let me know if you would like any more details of anything pictured in my room.

Jess x


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