Review: Foltène Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

I wanted to share a review of a product that you probably haven’t heard of before…Foltene

I think long eyelashes are beautiful, well who doesn’t? But of course, I was dealt the short straw and have really short lashes. When I saw Foltene’s eyelash and eyebrow treatment on (Yes, I spend way too much time on this website), I could not wait to try it.

Foltene is a product which claims to strengthen and restructure fragile eyelashes. The product comes in a mascara-like tube and can be applied, just like mascara, to your eyelashes. You can also use this on your eyebrows, applying it just like you would with a brow gel. Foltene can be applied two times a day before applying any make up in the morning and in the evening after removing your make up.

The product is clear so will add no colour to your eyebrows or eyelashes. However, if you do get any of this on your skin, when it dries it can look a little crusty – not a good look! So if you are going to apply this before leaving the house, be sure to apply it carefully! Equally, I would recommend that you are just as careful before applying the product on your eyelashes before bedtime as you don’t want any to get into your eyes. However I have had no problems when applying this before going to sleep and it has not caused any irritation whatsoever.

I would really argue whether it actually does strengthen or restructure my eyelashes. However, what every girl wants are long voluminous lashes, right? And now that thick eyebrows are in fashion, this is a must have for anyone who has previously over plucked their lashes.

Well the reason I wanted to share this review is because Foltene’s eyelash and eyebrow treatment does appear to promote growth in my eyelashes and eyebrows and my eyelashes appeared visibly longer after using this product approximately twice a day for about two weeks. I haven’t seen any difference in the volume of my eyelashes but I am not disappointed with this product at all. I have also used this on my eyebrows briefly, trying to grow them out after over-plucking; however I only used this for a short period of time as I didn’t want bushy brows. I would say that in this time my eyebrows also did grow back relatively quickly.

I don’t tend to wear mascara on a regular basis because for me, taking mascara off at the end of the day is a nightmare I would rather avoid. So I find that Foltene eyelash and eyebrow treatment is an excellent substitute for mascara and it lifts my lashes, opening up my eyes without harming them. Of course this won’t give you the look that mascara does and certainly not the volume or colour, but as I don’t normally wear mascara on a daily basis, this really works for me.

In theory, this is a great product for prepping your lashes before applying mascara as you could say it acts as a protective coat over your lashes, from the mascara. However, I tend not to use this at all when I plan to wear mascara. On the occasions where I do wear mascara I want maximum length and volume and I feel like it just does not do the job of making my eyelashes look amazing when worn under mascara. I don’t know why – maybe it weighs down my lashes when worn with mascara?

This product does have its flaws. I do not believe it helps increase volume and my eyelashes are still not comparable to those of people with naturally long lashes. However, as a whole I would recommend this product, if like me you do not wear mascara on a regular basis but have short eyelashes. It definitely has helped with the growth of my eyelashes and eyebrows and I hope it works for you too!

Will you be trying this out? What helps you grow your lashes?

Thanks for reading, Jess x

4 thoughts on “Review: Foltène Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

  1. I have the same problem! I have short lashes and i want thick and long ones. Have you tried any other serum that’s given you sure shot results? Lemme know ,xoxo


    1. Heyy to be honest I haven’t. But I always curl my lashes before applying mascara and sometimes I use two different mascaras. There’s also fibre mascaras which supposedly lengthen the look of your lashes however it didn’t really work for me!


  2. I just received today the Foltène Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment” I ordered last week and I am very excited to see the results. I really hope it will work. I have a very short lashes let alone I have a mono eye lid like Japanese…I really wish to have a long lashes to open my eyes a little wider. I use mascara on daily basis because of my short lashes and almost every people you see here in Dubai have long lashes because of their genes or some have eyelashes extensions. I was planning to do that but the last time I did wayback in highschool is that it pulled some of my own eyelashes 😦 so I hope this will work


    1. Let me know how you find it? You might like to wear it before applying mascara. Which mascara do you currently use? I’ve never been happy with the length of my eyelashes until I recently purchased Benefit roller lash and I’m really happy with the appearance of my lashes. I also stopped wearing eye liner on my upper lid so there’s more of a focus on the length of the eyelashes x


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