Wishlist; with cheaper alternatives!

A selection of items which I have heard great things about and would love to try out!


  • Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Jurlique offer this Rosewater Balancing Mist, available on feelunique.com which claims to hydrate skin. Personally, I would prefer to try a cheap supermarket alternative to this Julique product as I don’t believe toner is an absolute essential for my skin care regime. In the past I have suffered from dry skin, however I do not feel that it is essential for me to spend too much on a hydrating toner in addition to the hydrating moisturiser I already use which has helped keep my dry skin at bay. I also feel that one of my main motivations to buy this product, other than it being a natural product, is my absolute love for the rose scent! I would love to add this to my rose scented collection.

Growing up I always hated facial masks, especially the homemade masks my mum would force me to use as they were such a nightmare to remove. However, lately I have been spending more time investing in my skin care routine and I have really wanted to purchase a new facial mask.

  • GLAMGLOW® SUPERMUD® Clearing Treatment 

I have had my eye on the GLAMGLOW mask on the FeelUnique website as I was thoroughly excited by the great reviews it has. The ‘Tingle Exfoliate’ treatment has five stars with 116 customer reviews with people raving about how it cleared their skin up after one use. There is also a clearing treatment which I would love to try out to see whether this makes a difference on my acne prone T-zone. In fact they have a great range of products for different skin needs and even an eye treatment. The main reason I have been holding back on buying this product is down to the price! The tub is only 30ml and normally costs a stonking £49.99. As much as I am tempted to purchase this product due to the amazing reviews, the small chance that this product will not work for me is holding me back as the few negative reviews I have read for this product are from people who say this product has caused them to break out. On the Glam Glow website, they do stock sample “try me” sachets of this product, however at £17.99, there are still other cheaper full size products out there.

Fab Pore

  • Soap & Glory™ Fab Pore™ 2-in-1 Facial Pore Purifying Mask & Peel

A cheaper alternative to the GLAMGLOW mask could be this Soap and Glory Mask and Peel. However, in the past I have been a little reluctant to use Soap and Glory products on my face as I believe the majority of people love their bath and body products. Generally if a product smells heavily perfumed I would avoid using it on my face. Unlike the GLAMGLOW range, the Soap and Glory mask consists of one product which states that it is safe to use on any skin type. As great as this sounds, it makes me slightly sceptical that one product can be suitable for all skin types. However, again I have heard great things about this product and as it is a peel, it sounds super easy to remove. For the price, especially in comparison to the GLAMGLOW mask, it seems crazy not to try this out. However, I have no idea if the results will be comparable with GLAMGLOW.

There are actually a few foundations which I would love to try, but in order to stop myself from spending all my money, I have tried to select just one that I intend to buy.

New Guinea

  • Nars Sheer Matte Foundation

I have been considering trying out a new foundation to see if there is a product that will be a bit friendlier on my oily T zone and a better match for my skin tone than the Mac foundation I currently use. I used findation.com which recommended this foundation based on some of the foundations that I have previously used. The website also recommended the shade ‘New Guinea’ as pictured above. I love any product which is matte, but even more so a foundation, as it is likely to leave your skin looking flawless. This foundation is oil free and sounds like it would feel really lightweight on my skin. The reviews I have read claim that it keeps skin looking shine free throughout the day.

Have you tried any of these products? Which ones would you recommend?


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