First Thoughts: Garnier Exfobrusher Spot Fighter

Garnier Pure Active Intensive Exfobrusher Spot Fighter
Anti-shine, Anti-spot, Anti-marks.
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One of my New Year’s challenges this year is to attempt to get clearer skin. Despite being lucky enough to have blemish free cheeks, I unfortunately have an acne prone forehead. My ideal goal would be to get this small area of my skin under control and to be able to leave the house without any foundation on, on a daily basis. As much as I do love make-up, I believe that women should use make-up to enhance their natural beauty rather than to completely transform their look. Personally, I would love to be able to reduce the amount of make up I wear on a daily basis and to enjoy wearing a full face of make-up only on special occasions. I also feel that, for my skin, wearing foundation is a vicious cycle of covering up acne and causing more spots to appear.

In an attempt to achieve clearer skin, one of the products I am currently trying out for the first time is the ‘Garnier, Pure Active Intense Exfobrusher’. I have only been using this product for two weeks so I wanted to share my first impressions on this product with you.

The Exfobrusher is intended to be used twice a day, morning and night, and the product inside applies to the face with the brush applicator. Despite my longing for clear skin, I am guilty of not spending enough time on skin care and often opt for a quick fix rather than considering long term solutions. I feel that using the brush encourages me to spend longer cleansing my face as it feels like the soft bristles are massaging my face.

As I mentioned, I have combinational skin, with an oily t zone. So my cheeks, which aren’t oily, feel quite dry after using the exfobrusher. Of course I could just use the product on my t zone and avoid the rest of my face, but as I find the Exfobrusher so therapeutic I do enjoy applying this product across the entirety of my face!

Following using the product, my skin has a tingly freshness after I rinse it off, which I really love. However, while I am applying the product I have to be careful as it often causes irritation when the product is close to my eyes despite me attempting to avoid the area around my eyes completely.
Although the bristles themselves are super soft and the brush feels like a massage over the majority of my face, I actually experience some discomfort when the brush goes over existing spots. I find this quite surprising, considering the product is designed for individuals with acne prone skin. However I suppose this discomfort is bearable, if in the long run this means that my skin will be clearer!

This product, bought on offer at only £5, appears to be excellent value for money, as there is still plenty of product inside despite me using it daily morning and night for the past two weeks. My skin does look great after using the product and as it promises, pores do look reduced even after the first use. Immediately after using the Exfobrusher my skin appears much clearer but this matte look does not last all day. In terms of the appearance of my acne, I have not yet seen any difference which is such a disappointment. However the true test will be the difference it makes to my skin in the long run. I am aware that I have not been using this product very long and I am yet to see my spots reduce but I am very keen to review how my skin will look in a few weeks time.
Have you tried the Exfobrusher? What is your favourite skin care product? Share in the comments below.
I will keep you updated on my progress with the Garnier Exfobrusher and my mission to achieve clearer skin.

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